OCPJ8 Book Update 2

It took me more than one week but I finally released the first draft of my book about the OCPJ8 certification.

Here’s the Leanpub link https://leanpub.com/java8-programmer-ii-study-guide.

You can download it for free in PDF, MOBI and EPUB formats until August 31th. No strings attached. You’ll get all the updates until the book is completed.

Right now, these are the chapters that are finished:

  • Chapter 3. Inner Classes
  • Chapter 8. Functional Interfaces
  • Chapter 9. Lambda Expressions
  • Chapter 10. Java Built-In Lambda Interfaces
  • Chapter 11. Method References

I’m planning to write first the chapters about the new features of Java 8 (like streams and DateTime API), first of all, because a large part of the exam is about these topics. Second, because having these chapters would allow to release the book about the upgrade to Java 8 exam with some minor changes.

There’s also another benefit if you get the book now. If you help me to review or proofread the book, you’ll be listed in a special section for reviewers in the book. Anyone can participate, every contribution is important. There’s more information about this inside the book.

I expect to release new versions every week/two weeks. I’ll try my best to finish the book by September 30th, but frankly, I don’t know if I can make it, the process of writing this book has been harder than I thought. For example, last week I had a lot of problems formatting the code blocks (they have syntax highlighting) for the Kindle version. It’s done now, but I lost like two days on that.

Anyway, take advantage of this opportunity, there’s nothing to lose. Stay tuned for the following update in about a week or two.

Got any questions or comments? Drop me a message on Twitter (@eh3rrera).