I was born in Puebla, Mexico. I've been developing software for over ten years, mostly in Java. Here are a few things about me:

I was born in 1981. Sometimes I feel old.

The first programming language I learned was Visual Basic 5.0. We're talking about 1997. Next was C. Then Java. Then PHP. Then C#. And then Objective-C.

I have two wonderful kids. Santiago, born in 2010, and Diego, born in 2014.

I'm old school. I prefer to talk to people in person. I'm not really into social media. I'm only a little active in Twitter and Github. I have Quora and Goodread accounts but I don't use them very much.

I have more than six IT certifications. Mostly about Java. The most difficult was PMI's PMP.

I don't like to drive. I hate being stuck in traffic. I prefer to walk or public transportation (like subway).

I have a lot of favorites movies. Two that come to my mind right now are Contact and Scent of a Woman.

More to come...

You can contact me via Twitter or email.


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